7 Steps to Becoming a Stand Up Paddle Surfer

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Published: 11th November 2010
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From picking out your dream stand up paddle board, choosing some attire for the water, looking at board transport options through to getting on the water, this article will guide you through the process of becoming a stand up paddle boarder. One can then speak to a stand up paddle boarding expert for additional assistance and guidance. Picking out the right paddle board is just the first step.

Picking a Board

Having decided to become a stand up paddle boarder, one needs to find an appropriate board. Some expert advice here is critical, to ensure you selects a board that's best for you. Considerations include the length of the board, which needs to be taken into account with the height and weight of the rider. A wider board may give more stability, while a narrower design might increase manoeuvrability while catching waves. Obviously riders want a board that looks good, so design is also something to ponder, but this is naturally a personal choice.

Picking a Paddle

Likewise, seek out some advice on which paddle to select. Paddles can be made from a range of materials including carbon/glass and wood.

Appropriate Clothing

Clothing may be as simple as a pair of swimmers. A rash shirt can provide a little warmth, protect against the sun and also reduce any abrasiveness, if one happens to lie down on one's paddle board. In winter time, or for those that feel the cold more, a wetsuit may be necessary.

Making Sure You Can Transport Your Board

A stand up paddle board is not going to fit into a small hatchback car. Unless one is fortunate enough to live within walking distance of the surf (or other stand up paddle boarding location), then one needs to consider how one is going to transport your stand up paddle board. Station wagons are handy, and roof racks are another option.

Lakes and Lagoons

Bodies of water that are without waves are a great place for absolute beginners. One can take time practicing standing up, balancing, and then moving around with the use of a paddle, all in one's own time, without having to worry about when the next wave is going to hit.

Hitting the Surf

New stand up paddle surfers who are tentative at first may have decided on practicing on a lake or lagoon to start with, to get the hang of things. While exploring these waterways can be fun, adding in some waves gives another level of excitement. If the boarder already has confidence with balance and use of the paddle, then this may be the next step.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Most new stand up paddle surfers should be able to pick up the basic skills fairly quickly. How much one improves then depends on the amount of time dedicated to fine-tuning one's skills. Long summers at the beach should be ample encouragement!

A great variety of paddle boards are now available, so this is the first big decision to be made by the would-be stand up paddle boarder. Fortunately, experts can guide the buyer to an appropriate board for them. Once this decision is made, the remaining steps to becoming a stand up paddle surfer should easily fall into place.

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